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As the old Polish saying goes "God created a country, but man created a town". This thesis is consistent with a unique character of our place. There's no doubt that you won't find another such country. About 300 people live here. They know each other, they have similar views and similar problems. They believe in similar values, although individuals developed their own personal philosophy. Generations are brought up in the same environment, which teaches to show respect for itself, for the neighbors, and first of all- for the forces of nature. As we live on the big river Odra, almost all our residents can swim, sail and there are many entitled water rescuers among us. The society is diverse: chemists, doctors, welders, teachers, building workers, computer scientists live here. Thanks to this diversity, personal believes are different and conversations with tourists are even more interesting. Surely there are aspects of country life that don't differ from other countries in Poland, or in the world. A day starts and ends at the same point, but time never stops. People who live in Wały are nice, friendly, eagerly share their personal experience. Tourists or new residents don't need much time to feel, that they belong to our family. Guests are welcome, invited to sit under old trees and have a rest, just like in the poem of Polish big writer Kochanowski.